Like it or not, the SAT*or ACT® test will be the single most important exam of your child’s high school career. Your son or daughter should not take it, even for the first time, without preparing properly.

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My name is Lori Goldstein.  I am a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, and I am the sole instructor for both SAT and ACT prep.  Since 2010, I have prepared over 700 students for their college entrance exams.

Qualifications Matter:  I hold a Professional Teaching Certificate from the State of Florida in Mathematics through Grade 12.  I have also been a professional writer. 

Experience and Professionalism Matter:  Your child will be taught only by me, never by a college student. The SAT and The ACT are the only tests I teach.

Results Matter:  SAT maximum increase 340 points. ACT maximum increase 8 points.  Ask me for proof.

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One-on-One Tutoring:  It is the only way to get strong score improvements quickly.  
My typical student is with me for just 5 months.

Mock Exams:  It is essential for every student to take a realistic practice exam prior to the real test. 
I hold free mock tests at my office location.

In Person or Online:  In person at my office or via Zoom.  Your choice.

Hourly rate:  $140 per hour.  Most students require 8 – 16 hours.

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It is easier than ever to tutor students remotely. 

The interactive whiteboard captures the collaborative nature of a personal tutoring session.

I have successfully tutored students from across the US and worldwide in this manner.


Without a doubt, summer is great time to prep for the SAT and ACT exams. Now both tests are being given over the summer.

Which exam is better: SAT or ACT?

The answer to that often depends on the student. For some students it truly makes little difference. The scores will be similar regardless of which exam they take. For other students the results can be dramatically different.


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Hear Lori Goldstein interviewed on the "Tests and Rest" podcast with her insights into the digital SAT Reading & Writing Section.